Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reunion revisited

Here are a few more pictures I stole from Katy's blog of our reunion. It was so much fun!
Shaking our Bon bons! The leis were given out to the winners of different awards like newest parents (way to go, Betsy!), honeymooners, most fashionable, etc, etc. Well, my sweet friend Crystal gave me hers because she said I deserved it for the category she won. Thanks, friend!
Still fabulous after all this time!!!
One of my favorite couples of all time--Cliff and Katy

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Fun

I love living in Chattanooga because it's like once October comes there is so much to do until the end of the winter holidays. Every weekend we can do something different. It makes it even more exciting for me now that we have a child. Although, sometimes he isn't as excited as me! Yesterday, we went to the Rock City Enchanted Maize. I had my camera ready to go, but Asher wasn't in the mood. He generally is a VERY happy little boy, but it was hot. Plus, he was a little unsure of the loud tractors. The bouncers were the only real hit. He always loves those!!!
I guess we have discovered early on he is definitely not a country boy!

Asher not really into the whole country scene

Daddy trying to boost morale

Over it!

Goofy Haircut #2

A couple of weeks ago I took Asher to get another haircut. I figured this one would redeem the mishap of last time. I was sure to explain very clearly what it was I wanted to my stylist. In the end, it was worse than ever! It was way short in the front! Not to mention, it was crooked. I was so mad because that was the week before my reunion. I felt bad for her because she knew right off that I was disapointed. In her defense, he's really squirmy during his haircuts. I love the way she does my hair, but I think we're going to shop around for someone more comfortable with toddlers. Luckily, not even a bad haircut can hold my kid down. He's just too darn cute!!!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham