Saturday, August 9, 2008

Asher being Asher

Like Father, like son...playing with electronics!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Asher update

Asher is 16 months, and Monday was his first day in his new class. I think I just stood there for like 30 minutes waiting for him to freak out or something. I stared as he ate his breakfast. I had another mother peering on with me as her baby girl ate too. When I got in my car I realized it was ME that was freaking out. Sure, he's not starting kindergarten but this is huge for us! He's going from two naps a day to one. They don't eat in hi-chairs anymore either. He has to sit a little table like a big boy! It's just a whole other vibe in this class. There is much more curriculum. I'm excited but very scared to experience the things he'll learn. I'm scared only because of the realization of how quickly it all goes.
Well getting back on topic-- I called to check on him about noon. To my satisfaction the teacher said he was actually doing better than the other kids. Of, course! His transition was made a little smoother because four of his buddies from his previous class moved up too. Anyway, I was very pleased to hear he was just rolling with the punches. That evening he was very tired though. Evidently, they play hard in the new big boy class!
Today, he had his first gymnastics class. They have an instructor that comes to the daycare that you can pay extra for. They said he was so funny. He was trying with all his might to jump. When I asked how it went the daycare manager demonstrated for me what he did. It was a jumping motion that left him still very well planted on the ground. He's still a little too unsteady to be airborne. Once again I was happy to hear that he handled the new gymnastics time well since it's out of his sheltered little classroom. They went on and on about how social and cute he is. Tonight he was a little entertainer showing us his new trick of "jumping".
Then, my mommy ego grew even more as I entered his classroom to pick him up. His new teacher met me at the door gushing over what a good boy he is. She said that she just tells him that she needs to change his diaper and he comes right on. He never fusses, and he's a very happy boy! She went on and on, and of course I let her. I like to think he has the perfect personality. He's very social like me, but he's very chill like his Daddy. Man, am I glad he got the chill part:)
Well, thanks for humoring me by letting me brag. That's the latest on our very well adjusted little Asher!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham