Sunday, June 7, 2009

Worker Bees

As most of my friends know our house has been an ongoing project over the last 2 years. There have been some moments when progress has been slow and has even stopped. Well, we're in full swing now! We got new windows (25 of them!) in March, and now we're getting a new kitchen! Since this house is more for investment purposes it won't be my dream kitchen, but it will be a million times better than it was. I'm very excited about it!
Despite working literally a different shift (1st, 2nd, AND 3rd) every single week my poor, sweet husband has spent every spare moment he has on our home. He's so wonderful for that. He's diligent and hopeful despite my impatience and nagging. There is definitely a sense of pride to be able to look around and know that my husband did all this! Might I add this is not what he does for a living!
Well, my bald beauty left today to go on a work trip so Asher and I decided to do something to spruce the outside up a bit. He works so hard on the inside I thought we could at least do a little something for the outside. We just made 2 little mixed pots for each side of our front door. Honestly, there are lots of things like organizing, decorating, and landscaping that goes undone because all our energy and money is spent on the projects at hand. It drives me absolutely bananas! I so look forward to the puzzle pieces coming together one day, and they will thanks to my awesome lover-Man:)

My excuse for not cooking these days! This is my kitchen!

Our little project. This and the next pic are bit blurry because of little fingerprints I think.
My Helper Bee... A face only a Mother could love. If you're wondering, that's dirt rubbed in with red Gatorade! Mmmm.

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham