Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, from the last blog you can tell already that Christmas was not what we had hoped. I was sick and had to go to the clinic Christmas Eve. When we got back that morning Asher started having terrible ear pain again. No doctor in Eupora would see him so our doctor in Chattanooga called in some medicine for him. It was a rough couple of days. I don't want to sound too negative though. We did have some wonderful moments. We spent most of the time with Mark's family but drove to my family's for a little while Christmas day. Asher was not hurting for gifts thats for for sure! Mark and I got to go on a "date" Friday night, and Asher got to play with his cousin Landon and Annelise. It made me so happy to watch how much fun he can have with them now.

A lot of our pictures are on our camcorder, but here are a few...

Asher in his little Christmas PJ's "playing" piano. Looks like he may take after his grandmother:)

The loot Santa left.

Digging in


We have just got back from our holiday in MS last night. We left Tuesday to head to Mark's parent's, but we left a little faster than planned. Mark's grandmother has been suffering from COPD for several years now, and she took a turn for the worse Monday night. We were barely out of Chattanooga when we got the call she had already left to be with Jesus. Our holiday definitely took a bittersweet turn. Mark was close to his grandmother, and the family will miss her more than words can say.
Mamaw was such an inspiration because she talked very openly about her faith and being ready to go to heaven. She wasn't shy or avoidant about the topic at all. She loved Jesus! Because of that she's got new lungs and wings to soar!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham