Friday, October 16, 2009

Well, Tickle My Fancy!

Don't you just love happening upon something that "tickles your fancy"? Well, in the last week my eyes have been opened to 3 great products that can be especially appreciated by my girlfriends:

1. Gigi's cupcakes. We have a new Gigi's Gourmet Cupcakes open close to our house. It's a franchise that started in Nashville and has now blessed us Chattanoogans with mouthwatering cupcakes sure to jeopardize any waist line! They have a daily menu of utter temptations. The cupcake are a pricey $3. However, Asher and I think it's worth it for an occasional treat. The lady working there says Gigi herself says you can eat 2 a week without gaining weight. I guess she would know owning a cupcake empire and all!
2. Votre Vu Skin Products. One of my dear friends from college has started selling this line in Chicago. She sent me samples, and I just can't wait to actually buy the products now. My skin feels so soft and even looks better after using them just a few times. The products are so European chic and make me feel kinda posh:) So, Arbonne consider this your Dear John letter for skin care. I'll be passing you along the way for an occasional cosmetic product perhaps. Mary Kay, I may have others on the side, but I''ll always love you! (If you're interested in the products or business opps just contact Jenny)

3. Victoria's Secret Perfect One Bra. Now, by reading the last 2 items it sounds as if I may pamper myself a lot or I'm spoiled or something. Don't be fooled. I've fallen in the rut just like a lot of other Moms by not spending much money on myself. I can often justify putting off shopping for ME to get something for the house or Mark or Asher or just whatever really. There are certain things a woman NEEDS though, you know? One of those things is undergarments. I've gotten tired of wasting money on cheap, poor quality ones so I "invest" in this area. I keep them a long time anyway. So, with all that said let's just say this new brazear is rightfully named. Sorry if you think this is a bit TMI, but face it we're adults here! Ladies need to know these things before spending 50 bucks!
Enjoy ladies!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham