Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation pictures

Here are just a few highlights of our trip (in no particular order).

The lighthouse in St. Augustine

Asher and Mommy on the beach

Crawling around the condo floor after our family portraits.
Hopefully, I'll get those to post in the next few weeks.

The Fam at what is to be believed (and greatly debated) oldest house in the country

Playing on the beach at night

Asher and Daddy having fun. Don't be fooled though. Asher did not like the sand AT ALL. Most of our sun-time was spent at one of the pools.

Getting our fresh seafood fix...exept Mark. This was his first meal after the "plague". A turkey sandwich had to do:(

Asher's favorite part of the resort...the kiddie pool. He loved to let the sprayers knock his pacifier out of his hand and say "uh oh" over and over.

Doing it again!

We're Back!

It's Monday, and we just walked into the door about 30 minutes ago. We left Tuesday (22nd) and stopped half way. We arrived at our resort in Palm Coast on Wednesday (23rd). Then, we left there Sunday (27th) morning and spent the day in St. Augustine. Now, we're back in good ole Chatt-Town. We're grateful for our vacation but relieved to be back. I must be getting old because I'm looking foward to my own bed:)
The trip was interesting to say the least. It FLEW by. There were 4 couples each with a child a piece. Well, out of those 12 people and 2 condos only 3 did not get a stomach virus!!! We were the first family to get it so we had the burden of feeling like we ruined everyone's vacation by bringing the sickness. I promise we didn't do it on purpose!!! Not to mention, one of the girls lost her wedding set off the balcony and never recovered it! Someone will be a VERY happy person one day if they find it. Needless to say, she was sick for the rest of the time just for that. However, I'm going to try to focus on the short positive, well time we had. Asher loved the kiddie-pool, and St. Augustine was a lot of fun. The resort was beautiful, and the niceset place I've ever stayed really. It was the Ginn Hammock if you're ever looking for a great spot. There are pictures to follow, I promise! My gears are already turning planning our next family vacation!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham