Friday, November 27, 2009

ABC's of Thanks

It could be very easy for me to whine about our actual Thanksgiving day since Mark was night shift and slept all day. He was then off to work again after dinner at friends'. However, I looked at the glass as half full. 1. He HAS a job to provide for us. 2. We have friends that care enough to offer us awesome food and fellowship.
As some of you know I can be Negative Nellie sometimes. So, I'm really proud of myself because I didn't even have to try too hard:) The Lord is definitely making some good changes in me lately.
Here is a small list of things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday. Unfortunately I can't take credit for this idea. I got it from a friend's blog.

A=Asher. My precious boy that I believe is the cutest thing on earth. He's a perfect display of mine and Mark's love.
B=Besties as Erin calls them. I just love my dear friends that no matter the time or distance that separates us know my heart. They know where I come from firsthand and why I'm the person I am.
C=Cody. Through the years has been more like a little brother than a nephew.
D=Disney Cruise. It was our awesome vacation this year!
E=Everlasting life. Through Jesus I've been offered the most incredible gift!
G=God. People that don't have Him simply exist. They don't live. I'm glad I don't have to understand that!
H=Home. Although I complain about the structure itself a lot it's a place of faith, hard work, and love.
I=In-laws. I don't even like that term because they're simply family. They love me whole hearted and treat me as their own.
J=Jobs. So many people are without this year. I often wish I could be home with Asher more, but he knows he is loved and gets lots of attention regardless. I thank God for giving me skilled knowledge to provide for my family.
K=Kisses. Whether in the form of "kissy lips", "horsie kisses", or Eskimo kisses I love them all! It's a nightly ritual.
L=Life. God blesses me every morning with good health.
M=Mark. The love of my life, the man of my dreams.
N=Naps. Mmm. Need I say more:)
O=Offerings. Our time, talent, and money. When we finally let go of them we receive so many blessings in turn just for being faithful.
P=Pictures. Can you imagine life without them?
Q=Quiet time. The time I take to simply feel God's presence and hear Him. I don't do it nearly enough!
R=Railroads. Anything related is pure joy to Asher.
S=Sisi. She helped make me who I am today.
T=Tyner United Methodist Church. I love my church family.
U=University. My good ole alma mater the "W". I have nothing but wonderful memories of that place. I'm proud to be part of the long blue line!
V=Vacation. Since Asher was born Mark and I decided vacations whether big or small were vitally important. It's a chance to get away from the stressors of life and work to focus on nothing but our family.
W=Wilma. The best step mother a girl could have.
X=X-Rays. No kidding I'm not making this up because X is a hard letter. With X-Rays particularly videofluroscopy I can better help so many of my patients.
Y=Years. I have spent 3 very happy ones with Mark. We have lots more to go!
Z=Zoos. They're an instant memory maker. Going to the zoo is one of the activities Asher and I do on my days off. Such fun!

I could go on and on!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham