Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Years Already!

Happy Birthday to our little Asher-Man! We couldn't ask for a cuter, funnier, or healthier child!

Things Asher dislikes:
Most meat, pineapple, when Mommy or Daddy leaves, jackets, long sleeves that go over his hands, going inside, being woken up, brushing teeth...

Things Asher likes:
Anything sweet to eat, pancakes, Thomas, Elmo, Blue's Clues, gymnastics, drawing/writing, sliding, swimming at the Y, phones, the water squirt bottle, bathtime, any dog, napping, blankie, his paci:(, balls, going to school, going to church, finding stop signs and flags, fried okra, grapes, one particular baseball cap, drinking from an open cup, riding Granddaddy's school bus, airplanes, squirrels, Jello, "driving" Momma or Daddy's truck, brooms...

We'll have his stats this week after our check up

A little trip down memory lane: Getting ready to about 8 hours!
About to go home not realizing how fast this all goes 7 months

1st Birthday
18 months

The Big Boy he's become

Today is such an emotional day for me. I mourn the baby I had. It goes by so fast, and when it's over, it's over. All I have are pictures that make me cry when I look at them. Who knew having a child could be so heart wrenching! I wouldn't trade it for the world though!
I love my family so much!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pigs Didn't Fly...

But hell froze over! No kidding, I thought I was there for a short time! On the way back from Virginia Asher and I got snowed in at the Charlotte Airport. After having our flight to Chattanooga delayed a few hours it was finally completely cancelled. We met two very nice ladies that helped us out that were trying to get to Chattanooga also. They found flights to Huntsville for us. From there, we'd rent a car and be home within a couple of hours. 

We got on the plane to Huntsville at 10 pm. I was very excited to finally be leaving, and it would work out well because Asher could sleep. Well, after getting on the plane they informed us we would have to wait at the gate for about an hour before we could proceed to the de-icing pad. So, we waited. Then we waited 2 more hours in that line. During our de-icing the truck doing it broke down! We had to then go to another line which was another 2 hours long! When our time came everyone was ecstatic! Now, we were getting closer to home! We got on the runway where we were about to take off when the plane pulled over. What now?!?! A temperature sensor on one of the engines went out. We had to be grounded! Asher and I got off that plane after 5 long hours at 3:20 AM!!! 
Asher slept while we waited (again) for a 7:30 AM flight to Chattanooga which of course got cancelled. We then planned on getting on a 10 o'clock plane to Nashville. It wasn't cancelled but delayed because it had no crew! The crew was coming in from Memphis and were running late. Close to noon we boarded that plane and went to Nashville where Mark picked Asher, the nice ladies, and me up. We arrived on our doorstep at about 6:00 Monday night after driving, dropping off the nice ladies, and going to the Chattanooga Airport to find our luggage. We were about 25 hours off schedule! Then of course, I had to be at work Tuesday morning. I promise I'm still not recovered from 24 hours in an airport with an almost 2 year old by myself!
I have to add though that Asher was a real trooper! He thought he was at Disney World! We just kept busy pushing the stroller (I think I walked 10 miles:), playing on payphones, and riding the moving sidewalks! He was in much better spirits than his momma! That is for sure. I was sick of rationing diapers, eating overpriced junk, and not sleeping!
Thank you to everyone that was concerned and kept calling and texting! That was my source of sanity. A lot of ya'll were very helpful. Thanks Pam and Conner for your offers! 

Trip to Virginia

Asher and I took a few days to go visit Erin one of my best friend's from college. We had not had the priviledge of meeting little Miss Shelby Claire yet. It was great to catch up with her, let the boys get to know each other better, and of course love on Miss Shelby Claire!

We did a lot of kiddie friendly activities including 2 children's museums and the zoo.

Daddy taking us to the airport for Asher's first time to fly! Asher loved the escalators!

Strong boy pushing the mountain

The boys watching the animals at the zoo. Yes, they are wearing the same thing...We're complete dorks! Believe or not someone asked us if they were twins! Ha!
The twins loving the train:)

Asher "fixing" the car the Richmond Children's Museum
Little grocery clerks

Catch up...

I haven't been blogging lately. Life has been very busy. I'll try to sum it all in a few blogs.

1. Valentine's Day:

I just love being a mom and doing things like this. These were the cookies and Valentine's I made for Asher-Man's class. The card cracked me up! I had to share!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham