Saturday, October 25, 2008

A New Friend

Asher is a lot like his dad--easy going. He's been a wonderful and even easy child thus far. However, I'm worried about the pacifier situation. He's grown quite fond of that thing. Ironic, really coming from a child of a mother/speech pathologist that said her baby would never have one. Well, just write it in the books of one of the MANY words I've eaten. At least, he doesn't have it much during the day anymore.

Now, we've got a new friend to accompany Asher and Pacifier. It's his blanket. I typically don't let him sleep with his bedding quilt so for no good reason I started grabbing this particular green blanket that a coworker gave us. That's the one he usually uses at night. For about a week he'd wake up at 6:00 am standing in his crib waiting for me to come and get him to put him in bed with us for another hour or so. EVERY morning waiting holding that blankie. We've gotten out of the habit of coming to Daddy and Momma's bed, but we still want to carry our blanket around after we get up. It's really sweet actually. I don't mind it, but I don't want it to become an issue like I'm afraid the pacifier is about to become. So far he's ok when I tell him we need to put the blanket up, and he watches me put it in his bed.
Just see how precious Asher is with his blankie!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Life Change

About 8 short months ago I wrote a similar post about job change. It's happening again. As much as I hate leaving a job after such a short duration, I've been given another great opportunity. Every experience is a stepping stone into the next, right?
When I started doing home health care it worked at the time. It paid well which got us closer to our get out of debt goal. It was flexible for Asher's sake, but that season has passed. The travel has increased, and the paperwork I have to do at home is just not practical anymore.
However, I've been blessed again as I sit on the see saw of mom and career woman. I have accepted a position in a skilled nursing/rehab facility 3 days a week. Since there are no benefits I'll have to supplement myself for professional dues, license, continueing ed, etc. with some occasional prn work. I've already gotten that lined up too. There is a hospital here that'll I'll help out when their speech therapist takes a day off here and there. It'll be an on-call type situation.
Even after my last day full time with the home care agency, I'll be covering a few patients for them until either the plans of care run out or they replace me. I don't want to leave my patients hanging. So, the part time gig will take a little time to transition into. It's just awesome to see it in sight though. My ultimate goal was to work part time by the time Asher was two, and now it's about to come true. God is so good to provide for us the way he has!
Please keep us in your prayers 1. We've made the right decision and 2. The employer I'm leaving will replace me quickly. Speech pathologist are VERY hard to find in this area.

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham