Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm goofing off right this minute, but in just a moment I'm getting hard at work...working on my job, packing, cleaning, getting excited, so on and so forth. I'm beginning to get really excited because we leave on Tuesday for our vacation in Palm Coast, FL. We're not leaving at any certain time since our reservations aren't until Wednesday. We're just travelling at our leisure and will drive as far as Asher and we can stand. Also, it's Mark's birthday Tuesday so I'd say that's a pretty good present! We'll be heading back sometime Sunday or Monday. We don't have to be back to work Until Tuesday the 29th. So, please forgive me if you can't get me while we're there. I'm certain work will call so my phone will be OFF! If you need me or want to talk just call Mark's phone, or leave a message. I'll check them periodically. Please pray for safe travels. Tootles!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.”--Ruth Bell Graham