Friday, April 10, 2009

Cake Wrecks

I was looking on my friend Katie's facebook when I noticed she was a fan of "Cake Wrecks". Oh my goodness!!! I thought they were hilarious! If you'll notice I've added them to my favorite blogs, but if you'll look them up on facebook and view the "Best of" photo album I promise you'll laugh out loud especially if you read some of the comments people leave. Like why are these mohawked babies riding carrots?!?! Too funny!
By the way, I actually started cake decorating classes this week. I think it'll be fun. Maybe one of my creations will end up on cake wrecks!

* So I've been going through the cake wrecks blog. Go back to "Older Posts", and there are a lot to enjoy! I'm still cracking up, and my husband thinks I'm nuts!

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