Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growing Pains

So we have not dropped off the planet. I've been working a lot lately. Hopefully that will be slowing down. Here are a few pics just to prove how busy we've been...or at least how busy Mark has been:) Our dining room is almost complete! One more room down!!!
Also, just so you can appreciate the work that goes into this Mark guts each room down to the studs to rewire and put up new sheet rock. This crosses the line from remodel to renovation in my mind! So THAT is why it can take months sometimes for us to complete a project. He just does it in his "spare time" cause he has so much of that ya know!View of Dining Room from the living room when we bought the house

View of Dining Room from the kitchen during kitchen project this summer. There was a wall dividing the 2 rooms. You can see on the left side where the 2 types of flooring transition.
(don't know what the wierd orbs are about)
View of our Dining Room today from the same view as above. It still needs moldings/trim and a LOT of decorating.
Our beautiful refinished floors. Love them!


Haven said...

Oh so pretty!

Erin @ Puddin' Sugar said...

(orbs, you're getting a reflection of light coming in thru the window on the left) Ok, thanks for blogging about this, I've been buggin you forever about it! IT LOOKS FAB-U-LOUS!!! You totally should get an appraiser back in your house to see how much you've raised your value, unbelievable!! :) :)

Brad, Amy, and Bes said...

Fabulous! I'm addicted to HgTV and all the home reno shows! Love them!!

Katy Agnew said...

It looks so great! By the way, the orbs are just dust... or ghosts. ;)

Margie said...

it looks amazing! now i just need to see it in person!

Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

Love it! I know you are proud of it!!

Lana said...

It is absolutely gorgeous!!

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